Caleb Brown, an 18-year-old MC born and raised in the Sherwood area of BatonRouge, La. found music as an outlet to express his anger about the violence andwrongdoings in his community. The youngest of five, Caleb introduction into musicwas gospel and hip-hop. He became huge fans of Aaliyah, Boosie BadAzz, Lil Wayne,2Pac and Kanye West. Brown began rapping in the fourth grade, writing a songtitled “New Orleans” that mimicked the flow of Wayne. Throughout the next coupleof years, the young MC adopted a number of rap names while uploading music toDatpiff and HotNewHipHop.But it wasn’t until high school, when Brown’s hoop dreams ended after he didn’tmake the freshman basketball team that he started to take things seriously. Hechanged his moniker to Caleb Brown, which is his government name, and put all hisenergy into becoming a rapper, studying legends like Nas, Eminem, Wu-Tang Clanand Mystical.In 2014, Brown released his Fear and Empathy mixtapes, garnering a local fanbase.In 2016, Brown took a big leap forward with his All Dawgs Go To Heaven EP, aproject he dedicated to Matthew Crutchfield, Ortez Williams Jr. and Jauan Saxton, histhree close friends who passed away within the previous two yearsMomentum continued through the summer of 2016 with his single “W$GT$,” whichgained hundreds of thousands of plays and views on SoundCloud and YouTube.Since the release of the track, national outlets such as XXLPigeons and PlanesTheAdvocate and more have featured the dreadhead upstart. Now Caleb Brown iscurrently working on his debut project All Dawgs Go To Heaven.